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About Tactical Hustle

Who We Are

We’re John Cassidy-Rice on the right side of the pond, and Chuck McKay on the left.  We’re marketing professionals who help to get more people to buy what you sell.

We’ve been friends and partners since 2005.  While Chuck was helping owner operated businesses and professional practices to substantially grow their top line revenues, John was working closely with Jaguar Land Rover, Britian’s First Direct Bank, and the Orange Egypt telecommunications company.

We’re also speakers and authors.  Interestingly, John’s first book, That’s a Wrap, was a “how to present” book for other speakers.  Chuck’s first book, Fishing for Customers and Reeling Them In is now in its fifth printing.


Why We Are Here

We’re very good at drawing new customers into businesses.  We’ve compiled some short lessons into the Tactical Hustle podcast.  Got a topic you’d like us to cover in 18 minutes or less?  Let us know and we’ll do our best to give you the information you seek.

It pleases us if we can help you to do it yourself.   Take the information.  Apply it to your marketing situation.  And, if you can find time, perhaps you could drop us a “thank you” when these proven tactics work well for you, too.




What We Are

John and Chuck are partners in the international Wizard of Ads ™ Marketing Group with offices in Canada, the United States, Australia, Guatamala, and the Carribbean.

Over the years a lot of our clients have been business owners too busy running their respective companies to learn effective marketing.  It’s far easier for them to pick up the phone and ask “how can we work together?”  And frankly, that’s one of the reasons for the Tactical Hustle podcast.  Think of it as a free sample of what it’s like working one-on-one with us.  

If you find the Tactical Hustle podcast useful, please tell a friend.